The Best CBD Massage Lotions for Pain Relief and Relaxation

best CBD massage lotions

What is a CBD Massage?

CBD massage is the manipulation of a person's body tissues using CBD oil instead of the common oils used for massage. The main reason why CBD oil is used for massages is because of its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD oil reduces the inflammation of joints and muscles making massage therapy effective. Before booking a CBD massage, it is important to note that sometimes the CBD oil has low THC levels. The CBD massage does not make you or the massage therapist high.

People who might be subjected to drug tests can get a CBD oil massage without the worry of the test coming back positive. The difference between a CBD massage and a normal massage is the presence of cannabinoids.

So if you are preparing for a CBD massage you prepare the same way you do for a normal massage.

Who typically would want to get a CBD massage?

This type of massage is best for people who have tension in their muscles and Joints. The CBD massage is common among athletes and people who do a lot of heavy lifting at work. For athletes, the CBD massage helps them accelerate their healing process and recovery of the injured tissues. With a quick recovery, athletes escape the stress and relax. As a result, this makes them perform at high levels. Other than relaxing the injured tissues, massage oils infused with CBD are therapeutic for the body and mind.

People who are suffering from arthritis, chronic pain, back pain, and any other form of pain can benefit from getting a CBD oil massage. The effects of the CBD oil massage can be felt within minutes and last for many hours after the massage. The CBD massages are relatively new and clients need to discuss the misconceptions and questions before engaging in the massage. Getting the right information is important to you.

What are the benefits of using CBD massage lotion?

  • Reduce tension: The cannabinoids in CBD massage lotions help reduce the tension of the body and mind. This is because the cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system in your body through the skin. Most of the CBD oils have no THC content or have very low levels of THC and hence, the user will not get high from it. This means that you can enjoy the rest of your day after a massage without feeling high.

  • CBD oil massage improves your skin. CBD oil is a great skin moisturizer. This is because of the fact that it contains hemp that makes your skin supple and soft. Other than making you feel better after the massage, the CBD oil improves your skin condition. People who have skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin can benefit from CBD oil massage. The skin mainly improves because of the anti-inflammatory properties from the CBD oil that reduce the pain in different skin conditions as well as suit the skin. CBD oils have very few side effects. Therefore, you should consider them in the event that you have a skin condition.

  • CBD oil stimulates your senses. If you get a CBD oil massage, your body is connected and that stimulates your body senses uniquely. This is because all your senses are being stimulated from the muscles, skin and mind. Consequently, this results in a great feeling for the user.

  • CBD oil relieves chronic pain. For people who are suffering from chronic pain, CBD massages are a perfect way of reducing the pain. Most of the clients that get CBD oil massages are always looking for a way to deal with pain. The cannabinoids reduce the inflammation by soothing the muscles.

  • CBD oil massages alleviate anxiety and stress. For people who are struggling with anxiety and stress, this is a good choice of massage. CBD oil in general is known for its ability to deal with the symptoms of anxiety. The best way to deal with anxiety using CBD oil is through getting a massage.

  • CBD oil boosts someone's mood since they react well with the brain's serotonin.

Does CBD lotion relax muscles?

CBD oil lotions reduce the tension in muscles and joints. CBD oil has receptors called CB2. The receptors are part of the overall endocannabinoid system. This is a physiological system that helps the central nervous system with homeostatic functions.

The bodily functions that are maintained by the endocannabinoid system include inflammation, pain and the immune system.

Rubbing the CBD oil on the skin during a massage reacts well with the endocannabinoid system and thus the part of the body affected by pain is remedied.

Can I rub CBD oil on my skin for pain?

CBD oil is an easy to use and also a safe agent that you can apply on any part of the body to deal with problems like skin irritation, inflammation, and soreness.

If you apply CBD oil on your skin you do not get high unlike when smoking cannabis. CBD oil on the skin also helps in retaining skin moisture.

Can you use any CBD oil as massage oil?

Many CBD oils can be used as massage oils since they are applied to the skin. Some manufacturers make CBD oils that are specifically for massages.

However, it is important to note that the government does not regulate CBD oil products the same way they regulate dietary supplements and drugs.

Before buying CBD oils or getting a CBD oil massage, you should note that not all meet the same standards of safety and quality.

What is different from a CBD massage spa compared to a regular massage?

The most obvious difference is the presence of cannabinoids in the CBD oil massage. The process of getting a normal massage and a CBD massage is the same.

The massage therapist uses the same leading techniques in both massages. This way, clients can know how effective the CBD oil is without trying to figure out if the results are better because of the difference in rubbing motions and techniques.

If you are attending a CBD massage spa, the idea is to reach the highest peak of relaxation. The preparations for a CBD massage and a normal massage are pretty much the same.

What to expect during CBD massage therapy?

Many people walk into a massage parlor intending to leave with less stress and body tension. If your masseuse offers you CBD massage therapy, this is what you should expect.

Your body muscles will unclench because of the reaction of the CBD oil with the endocannabinoid system in your body. The muscle tension reduces in your body because of the quick-reaction that the CBD oil has on your body.

Another thing to know is what to eat. If you are experiencing any form of pain, there is a drastic reduction in the area where the pain was being felt. This is because CBD oil is anti-inflammatory and relieves pain quickly.

CBD oil massage helps you relax and keep calm quickly.

After the CBD oil massage, the CBD massage therapist may advise you not to shower so that your body can experience the calming effect of CBD oil on your body for the rest of your day.

The CBD oil massage is very effective if you are looking to reduce the tension in a muscle as someone who plays sports.

If you are ready to spend a little extra cash, you can incorporate a facial that has CBD oil for you to experience an even more chiller massage that reduces anxiety in your entire body.

Using a CBD massage lotion is the most calming and relaxing experience you will ever get.

You can add CBD oils to your list of lotions to apply on your day-to-day for you to have a calm and relaxing experience every day.

What kind of ingredients are in a typical CBD daily massage lotion formula?

The most common ingredient in CBD oil that is used in massages is hemp. Unlike THC, hemp that is found in CBD oils does not have any effects that may make you high.

The perfect CBD oil is the broad spectrum of cannabinoid oils. The broad-spectrum CBD oil has beneficial compounds that work well together with the CBD to give you the best results.

The most common compounds found in good CBD oils for massages are flavonoids, amino acids, different terpenes, over 80 different Cannabinoids, omega 6, 3 fatty acids, and glycerides.

The good thing about broad-spectrum CBD oils that you can use in CBD daily massage lotions is that they contain 0.3% THC levels or less.

The levels of THC are very low because in every extraction process the traces of THC are removed.

This makes the broad spectrum CBD oils effective and reduces side effects such as being high.

How long will the relief provided by CBD last?

A normal massage without CBD oil helps you reduce stress. Getting a massage using infused CBD oil is a great way of reducing stress in your body.

Your body will have reduced tension for 2 to 3 hours where your mental state will ease.

You are going to experience a relaxation that you have never felt before.

Different massage therapists can advise you to keep off the shower after the massage for you to experience the full effects of the massage oil on the body for a long time.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work for joint pain?

Effects of the infused CBD oil on the pain in joints can be felt within the first 15 minutes to 245 minutes.

CBD oil is extremely effective for relieving pain in the joints.

The CBD receptors in the body react quickly and the body system that controls pain receives the CBD oil effects quickly.

CBD oil also fastens the recovery period of the tissues. This is very attractive to people who are struggling with pain, especially athletes, because they are eager to go back to playing sports.

As noted earlier, there is no problem with taking a CBD oil massage because it does not make you high.

Can CBD cream cause negative side effects?

Although researchers and studies show CBD oil to be safe, the oil has negative side effects on some people.

If you get a bad reaction with CBD oil in your massage, you can suffer from diarrhea, getting fatigued quickly, and a lot of changes in weight and appetite.

Sometimes, CBD oil can interfere with the medication that you are taking. CBD oils may have an effect on your liver in the long run.

Using CBD oil for your massage is good in reducing the pain and tension in your body but you have to ask for the effects before deciding to take this route.

Can I get a rash from CBD oil?

In 2019 there were two cases of itching and rashes on the body because of using CBD oil.

The first case was from a patient who took the CBD orally and got urticaria. This is a very severe skin condition that makes the patient experience intense itching, red welts, and swelling.

For most patients who use the CBD oil, the side effect is mostly itchiness. The most likely explanation for this problem may be an allergic reaction to the CBD oil.

There is little to no information about the allergies on the body from CBD oil. However, there is research on some of the side effects of using cannabis in general.

Allergies to cannabis may cause rashes and itchiness. You can get hypersensitivity and anaphylaxis from excessive use of cannabis and not from CBD oil.

CBD oil has been shown to have more positive effects on your body than negative effects. The itchiness and rashes caused by CBD oil are in isolated cases.

However, you can get rashes from a specific CBD oil called Epidiolex. Although this CBD oil has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the list of side effects from using it include rashes and liver problems.

If you are suffering from body tension, getting a CBD massage is advisable since it relaxes your muscles faster and more effectively.

You can also add topical CBD oils to your lotion cabinet if you want to experience a relaxing feeling every day.